Tcl smart led tv software firmware model l32b2810 and l40b2810

BRAND Tcl smart led tv software firmware model l32b2810 and l40b2810

MODEL   L40B2810  LED40B2800C AND L32B2810, L32B2610

RESOLUTION 1920*1080 FULL HD  AND 1366*768 NON HD


This software is compatible on all the given models, you can update the software directly from USB. Please comment kindly, your comment is very beneficial for the growth of our website. Contact to take any information in this model

UPDATE:  extracting the rar file. After copying the IMG file to USB  attached to the TV and press and hold the power button with the touch button and plugin power


TCL-L40B2810 1920 1080 FIRMWAREDownload

2 thoughts on “Tcl smart led tv software firmware model l32b2810 and l40b2810”

  1. Hi
    Dear sir
    I have TCL L32B2810E LED TV. I was purchased the model 6 years before. The seller was told me that its a smart TV. But now I tried to connect it with a WiFi network but I failed to connect because there wasn’t WiFi dongle installed in it. I bought WiFi dongle and plug in USB port. Then I scanned and connect it with WiFi network . now it is connected but not playing any apps Golive TV , Facebook , browser , videos , YouTube

    1. This model of your tcl tv 2810 is not a full smart TV This is Semi Smart TV and its services have been stopped by Google in 2018. All these services have been stopped by google, can not activate them. And can’t update its software version

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