T.R67.816 Firmware Software Download

T.R67.xxx All Tpye Board Software Download

All software usb updateable

if not install rename it

T.R67.816 V3 , T.R67.816 V1 , T.R67.PB816 v4

YDG_6710.code   – YDG.6710

T.R67.816 Firmware Software Download

T.R67.PB816 V3 M90 1920 1080Download
T_R6710_816 V3 1366 768 M90Download
T.R67.816 V3 SAMSUNG 1366 768Download
T.R67.PB816 V1 Samsung 1366 768Download
T.R67.PB816 v4 10 data samsungDownload

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