Firmware For T53L13.5 T53L12 LCD TV Download

T53L13.5 T53L12 is a board of Universal LED TV that you can install in any LCD LED by updating the software. Before installing the board, Search the model number of the panel in Google and find out the regulation of panel After this, you will get the Same resolutions from here, you download it and copy bin file to USB.Just connect the power to the board, the update will start

Firmware For T53L13.5 T53L12 LCD TV Download M90

Keep checking this site as soon as the next version comes and we will upload it Here.If you want to download any other software firmware write about it with the details in the comment box below, we will try our best to upload on this site We look forward to your commands

T53L13.5 T53L12 Click on the Download button below and you can download all the software and all the Regulation in Samsung Remote Sony Remote and LG Remote.

Please Note

A lot of friends were having trouble in the board of this model T53L13.5, the problem comes in the software, why there are no channels For that I am providing this file, you can download it from this link The default regulation of this software file is 1920 1080. And below I am telling some service short codes, you can change the regulation by following it

T53L13.54_T53_ATBM253-2020092.rar – 2.3 MB

1920*1080      INPUT+20080
1366*768        INPUT+20081
1024*768        INPUT+20082
1280*1024      INPUT+20083
1440*900       INPUT+20084
1600*900       INPUT+20085
1680*1050     INPUT+20086



6 thoughts on “Firmware For T53L13.5 T53L12 LCD TV Download”

  1. I have blue t53l13.5 card i need samaung remote software that software you upload i install but tv cable channel not tune but else everything is ok
    So please give me rigjt software link

  2. sir this naeem frm sahiwal there is one more problem in this software channel tuninig problem has been solved by you i am very grateful but now the problem is remote working is slow after double tripple clicking remote does work

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