Smart LED TV TP.ATM30.PB818 Hang Problem and Software Solution

China Smart LED TV Board TP.ATM30.PB818 with 4GB Rom and 512mb Rem This board has very little RAM, so it sometimes hangs on startup while using the Internet. Do not too much downloading and not install more applications while using the internet

Now if your set hang on startup, then install the software, this issue will be solved.

If this board is dead due to any Another software, then you can j-tag it by making a connection To The programmer. pinout is available to check this link
Software file allupgrade_am920_4G_512_48
Built-in Wi-Fi And Back light voltage 30v-57v/480ma(25w)

Storage This board has Kingston MMC Flash Use Service code is menu 1147

  1. Rename file : allupgrade_am920_4G_512_sos
  2. allupgrade_aml920_4G_512M_mxl661_sos
  3. allupgrade_aml920_4G_512M_none_sos

Update This software is auto usb updatable Download and extract the file and copy it to Fat32 formated usb.

Just power in by connecting the USB with the TV the software will start updating automatically.



TP.ATM30.PB818 samsung remote software paid with full support is here

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