Reasons You Should Update Your Smart TV Firmware

Reasons You Should Update Your Smart TV Firmware

When you buy your smart TV, it can be easy to forget that it’s not just like any other TV. Like many other electronics, the TV needs to have its firmware updated from time to time in order to remain safe and up-to-date with the latest features. To help you understand why it’s important to keep your TV’s firmware updated, here are some of the main reasons why you should update your smart TV firmware today.

Get access to new apps

With firmware updates, you can sometimes access new apps and features. For example, in March 2017, Roku rolled out a firmware update that allowed users to view 4K content on Netflix. Without that update, you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of its super-sharp image quality. In addition to adding new functionality like streaming in 4K, firmware updates also fix bugs or glitches that arise from time to time. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying an expensive piece of tech—especially if it’s your television—and then having it stop working as intended. So be sure to check for firmware updates whenever you feel like something might not be working right on your smart TV; it just might make all of your problems go away!

Get security updates and patches

If you purchased your smart TV from a reputable brand like Samsung, LG, or Sony, you’ll likely be able to access updated firmware for free. This means that every few months, your smart TV will automatically update itself with new features and security patches designed to prevent hackers from getting into your system. Many of these updates are installed silently in the background and don’t interrupt use at all. The same goes for app updates—many apps (like Netflix) do regular background updates on their own. We should definitely keep an eye on what we’re downloading, but if we stick to reputable brands then any time-consuming processes can happen quietly in our favor without us ever needing to lift a finger.

Save yourself from hackers

This may not be a huge security issue if you’re watching TV, but it’s still worth knowing: If a hacker is able to hack into your networked-enabled smart TV, they could record audio and video, download files, and more. By having current firmware on your television set, you’ll protect yourself from hackers trying to take over your set. While there aren’t too many incidents of smart TVs being hacked currently (mainly because they’re fairly new), some incidents have occurred in recent years. The most prominent occurred in 2015 when researchers from Samy Kamkar managed to access an LG WebOS smart television using vulnerabilities found in LG’s software—the same software used for streaming devices like Google Chromecast.

Getting rid of technical problems

There is nothing worse than when you’re watching a movie or your favorite show and your television suddenly stops responding. Or when you want to surf through channels or use apps, but your remote isn’t working for some reason. There are two things that can happen at that point – either you can get really upset, or you can get really happy because technical issues like these are often easy to fix. All it takes is knowledge about firmware updates! It’s not hard to check for updates and apply them, but if your TV doesn’t provide an option then it might be worth getting in touch with a professional who deals with smart TVs and other appliances on a regular basis.

Easier navigation while using your smart TV

If you have an older smart TV that doesn’t have a modern operating system, chances are it can be slow to navigate and use. A firmware update will ensure your device is up-to-date with new features and user interfaces. In turn, you’ll find yourself taking less time trying to figure out how to get around and more time enjoying your device’s capabilities. If navigation is a common problem for you, updating your smart TV’s firmware should be a top priority.

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