Philips 49PUT6801/56 MTK U+ series Software Download

Philips 49PUT6801/56 MTK U+ series Software Download

Software history – MTK U+ series QM163E_U_0.10.77.2 – Date: 2017/07/12

New automatic upgrade feature Fix to avoid sets getting stuck in Philips boot logo Improvements for Ambilight Hue  Improvements in stability

Improvements for subtitles in the Media app and fixed reboot happening on certain .srt subtitle files Frequency change for NTV Fix for short text flash when watching broadcast Updated channel logos

QM163E_U_0.10.15.1 – Date: 2017/04/21

Simplifications in UI
Fixes for DVB-T2 installation Germany

Updated Predefined lists for Germany Free-To-Air and HD+

Fix for “Teletext application has stopped” error

Support for IR RC remotes with RC5 protocol

Channel logo intake

Google Security Patches Until April 2017

Fix for Error 401: SRVE0295E when attempting to log into Smart TV

Fix for audio hiccups across use case

Fix for juddering picture and artefacts due to certain 3rd party apps

Improvements in stability

Update the TV software

Philips continuously tries to improve its products and we recommend that you update the TV software when updates are available.

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